Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 NHL Entry Draft presents many possibilities

It wouldn't be surprising if the Carolina Hurricanes along with every other team in the National Hockey League have drawn up more contingency plans than they ever have for the upcoming 2013 NHL Entry Draft that will take place in Newark, N.J. on Sunday.

Sitting with the fifth overall pick, Carolina sits far enough down that depending on how Colorado, Florida, Tampa Bay and Nashville make their selections, they could end up getting a gift of a pick without ever planning on it, or at least only as part of the long shot plan that they've kept at the bottom of the pile.

No doubt the drama that this year's crop of young talent, that has been identified as 'deep', has presented has kept teams busy formulating and finalizing their strategy since the end of the regular season and even before then.

Depending on what happens on Sunday, new plans may be drawn up as a result of the buzz and talk that is growing daily.

Not to be forgotten is the quiet period that has occurred leading up to the draft, devoid of rampant trades and re-signings, even as the free agency signing deadline approaches a week later than in years past.

Though June 30th usually presents the time for all NHL clubs to empty the purse strings with free agent signings after making their investment in their youth corps on draft day, this year's 'selection Sunday' may actually involve an electric, one-stop shopping affair that will have heads spinning.

It's a buyer's market that is full of inventory and the flea market mentality of roaming the tables to not only talk of trading picks, but veteran players as well, can make any hockey executive and fan equally excited of the possibilities that exist to make their team better.

Hang on, this could be the most exciting NHL draft day held to date.

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